This is a program that recognizes members for participation in the Electric City HOG Chapter.  It is a very simple and is very achievable for anyone in the chapter and will be only for our current chapter members.  

 It is a yearly program and works in the following manner.  It is on a point system and you get 1 point for attending monthly membership meetings, 1 point for attending LOH Meetings and 1 point for any chapter function.  You must obtain a minimum of 35 percent of the total points within a physical year. 
We normally have on average of 50 +/- published chapter rides annually, 11 membership meetings and 11 LOH meetings.  This is a total of approximately 72 chapter functions annually.  To get awarded you must make 35 percent of these or 26 functions/meetings.  Realistically, if you made all the meetings, which would be 22, then you would only have to do 4 other functions for the year, or no meetings and 26 rides.  It could be broken up anyway, as long as you achieve 35 percent of all chapter functions.  

This will cut off at the end of November  (this is why only 11 chapter and 11 LOH meetings) so tallies and awards can be readied for the Christmas Party where the awards will be presented.  You will be responsible for making sure the ride captains on each ride you attend and the membership officer for each meeting you attend have your name listed for attending that function.

The award is going to be a coveted patch that will be designed and shown in the early part of 2008.  The achieving participants will receive the patch and year rocker at the Annual Christmas Party.  Thereafter, annually the participants will receive a year rocker for the subsequent years they achieve the 35 percent of club functions. 

This will be an honor and prestigious to be in this elite group and the awards will be worn with pride.  This has nothing to do with national HOG and these awards will only be for our chapter and will not be affiliated with National Harley Owners Group.

This page was last updated: May 27, 2019
Here is the Active Member Patch that you are riding for this year.  Like I told everyone, it is very "prestigious" and will be worn with pride. Be sure to make at least 35 percent of the rides and meetings to get this patch with the year rocker. Hope all enjoys. 
Ride and Have Fun!!!!