Article VIII- Activities

Chapter events and activities are the sole responsibility of the local chapter. These events and activities may include any family-oriented, safe activities that promote a positive image of the sport of motorcycling and that appeal to the chapter membership.

Article IX- Chapter Publications

All material published by the chapter must include the official chapter name and number. All chapter publications, whether written, oral (broadcast), or electronic must be approved by the sponsoring dealer. If, at any time, H.O.G. determines in its sole discretion that a chapter publication is incompatible with the family-oriented, nonpolitical philosophies and/or objectives of H.O.G. the chapter recognition as a H.O.G. affiliated organization may be terminated. A copy of all chapter publications of any type must be sent to the H.O.G. office.

Article X- Trademark License

1. The trademarks H.O.G.®, HOG® HARLEY OWNERS GROUP®, L.O.H.®, LADIES OF HARLEY®  (the H.O.G. Trademarks') are among the many trademarks of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. These H.O.G. Trademarks may not be altered in any way and cannot be used in combination with any other words or graphics.

2. The issuance or renewal of this Annual Charter For H.O.G. Chapters shall constitute a limited license to use the H.O.G. Trademarks for the term of this Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters.

3. The Chartered H.O.G. Chapter's license to use the H.O.G. Trademarks is limited to use in conjunction with the official chapter name and use in conjunction with material relating to chapter activities.

4. Chapters must obtain approval from H.O.G. prior to using H.O.G. Trademarks on any material other than chapter publications, T-shirts, pins and all other items are only to be produced by authorized licensees of Harley-Davidson Motor Company and shall likewise be subject to prior approval by H.O.G.

5. Chapter use of the H.O.G. Trademarks may continue only so long as this Annual Charter is in effect between H.O.G. and the chartered chapter and the chapter operates in accordance with this Annual Charter and H.O.G. Operating Policies. H.O.G. may, at its sole discretion, terminate the chapter's limited license to use the H.O.G. Trademarks at any time upon thirty (30) days' notice in writing, and the chapter will immediately terminate all use of the marks when the notice becomes effective.

6. The chapter shall provide such assistance as may reasonably be requested by Harley-Davidson Motor Company to protect the H.O.G. Trademarks in the locality of the chapter's operations.

Article Xl - By-Laws

1. This Charter shall be adopted and serve as operating policy for H.O.G. chapters and must be available to all chapter members.

2. Chapter bylaws, if needed, may not replace, supersede or conflict with this Charter and H.O.G. Operating Policies. The sponsoring dealer and the H.O.G. office must approve chapter by-laws prior to publication or implementation. Once adopted, a copy of the chapter bylaws must be furnished to the sponsoring dealer and H.O.G. office and must be available to all chapter members.

Article XII - Amendments

H.O.G. may amend this Charter at any lime at its sole discretion based upon H.O.G.'s review of chapter developments and needs or because of conflicts with national, state, or local laws.

Article XIII - Disbursement Of Funds

In the event of dissolution or final liquidation of the Chapter, all of the remaining funds and property of the Chapter shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of all of the liabilities and obligations of the Chapter and for necessary expenses thereof, be distributed to such organization or organizations as are organized and operated exciusively for charitable purposes and which qualify as an exempt organization or organizations under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In no event shall any of such assets or property be distributed to any director, officer or private individual.

Article XIV - Disclaimer

While the chapter may be affiliated with H.O.G., it remains a separate, independent entity responsible for its actions. All Harley Owners Group members and their guest(s) participate voluntarily and at their own risk in H.O.G. and H.O.G. chapter activities. The sponsoring dealer, H.O.G. and Harley-Davidson Motor Company, its subsidiaries and distributors and local chapter officers are and shall be released and held harmless by the member/guest for any injury or loss to the member/guest or to his or her property which may result from participation in H.O.G. and H.O.G. chapter activities. This means that each and every member of the local chapter and their guest(s) have no ground for legal action against the sponsoring dealer, H.O.G., Harley-Davidson Motor Company, its distributors and its subsidiaries, the local chapters and their respective agents and employees for any injury resulting to them or their property.