Article V - officers

1. Affiliated chapters shall have the following primary officers: Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer and Secretary. Other discretionary officers may be appointed as needed.

2. The sponsoring dealer may assume any, or all, officer position's) including their respective responsibilities and may remove any officer from office in the dealer's sole discretion. The sponsoring dealer may determine how chapter officers are selected and the length of their terms in office.

3. The sponsoring dealer has the authority to require the chapter to perform to the sponsoring dealer's standards and is to assure H.O.G. that the chapter abides by this Charter and the Operating Policies.

4. The duties and responsibilities of the primary chapter officers shall be as follows:

A. Director: The Director shall uphold this Charter and the chapter bylaws, conduct chapter meetings and coordinate chapter officer responsibilities.

B. Assistant Director: The Assistant Director shall assist the Director in carrying out the Director's duties. The Assistant Director shall also be responsible for promoting membership, membership orientation and keeping the chapter members informed of H.O.G. programs.

C. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of chapter funds, reporting the financial transactions to the membership on a monthly basis, submitting an annual financial report to H.O.G., compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.

D. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the administrative needs of the chapter, keeping the minutes of chapter annual business meetings and general meetings, ensuring that all chapter members are current H.O.G. members, having on file a signed copy of the Annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release of each member as signed on an annual basis, and submitting to H.O.G. the H.O.G. Chapter Charter Application and any other reports as required by H.O.G. Further, the Secretary shall ensure that all insurance requirements are met (including participant signatures to required release forms), shall ensure preparation of injury report forms, timely submission of injury report forms to the appropriate insurance company and shall be responsible for the maintenance and storage of release forms and injury reports.

5. The duties and responsibilities of the discretionary chapter officers shall be:

A. Activities officer: The Activities Officer shall be responsible for the administration of chapter events.

B. Ladles of Harley Officer: The LOH Officer shall be responsible for encouraging women members to take an active part in chapter activities.

C. Road Captain: The Road Captain(s) shall be responsible for assisting in the planning of routes for chapter rides and keeping the Chapter informed of all H.O.G. prograrms.

D. Editor: The Editor shall be responsible for assembling and organizing written, oral (broadcast) and electronic material for chapter publications, e.g., newsletters, press releases. All chapter publications. whether written, oral (broadcast) or electronic, shall be subject to approval by the sponsoring dealer prior to publication.

E. Safety Officer: The Safety Officer shall be responsible for providing chapter members with information relating to the availability of rider training.

F. Photographer: The Photographer shall be responsible for obtaining and organizing chapter photographs for use in chapter publications and chapter history albums.

C. Historian: The Historian shall be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of a written account of the history of the chapter, to include officer positions chapter activities and membership levels.

Article VI - Membership

1. All Harley Owners Group members may join any affiliated chapter. An expired membership in H.O.G. automatically terminates local chapter membership and any associated memberships. It shall be the responsibility of each local chapter to ensure that chapter members are current H.O.G. members and to maintain on file in the chapter records a signed copy of the annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release of each chapter member. It shall be the responsibility of any person applying for, or renewing, membership in a local chapter to provide proof of his or her National membership as a condition of eligibility for membership.

2. The sponsoring dealer may suspend or terminate a person's membership in the sponsored chapter if the sponsoring dealer, in the sponsoring dealer's sole discretion, determines that a member's conduct is undesirable or contrary to the sponsoring dealer's interests.

Article VII -Dues

1. Chapters are to be not-for-profit organizations. The sponsoring dealer may, in the sponsoring dealers sole discretion, establish chapter dues to be utilized solely to pay or defray the cost of chapter administration.

2. Chapters may conduct legitimate fund-raising activities to assist in paying or defraying chapter operating expenses or to raise funds for charitable purposes. All such fund-raising activity shall be subject to approval by the sponsoring dealer.