Article XV- National, State, Local Laws

If any part of this Charter should be invalid for any reason whatsoever under any national, state or local laws having jurisdiction over the subject matter of this Charter, then that part shall be considered deleted from this Charter and the rest of this Charter shall remain valid and in full force and effect.

Article XVI - Operating Policies (U.S. Chapters Only)

1. Recision and Termination of Sponsorship: In the event a sponsoring dealer decides to terminate or rescind sponsorship of a chartered chapter:

A. The sponsoring dealer shall inform the appropriate H.O.G. Regional Manager of the sponsoring dealer's intent to cancel or terminate sponsorship fifteen days prior to providing the chapter with written notice of termination or recision of sponsorship. Such notice shall be afforded by telephone or facsimile transmission.

B. The sponsoring dealer shall provide the chapter with written notice that sponsorship is terminated or rescinded, setting forth the reasons for termination or cancellation. Said notice shall be effective fifteen days subsequent to date of delivery of the notice. A copy of the sponsoring dealer's written notice to the chapter membership shall be sent to the Regional Manager.

C. Any subsequent application for charter by a group proposed to be sponsored by the former sponsoring dealer shall not be considered for acceptance for a minimum period of three months following the sponsoring dealer's termination or recision of the dealers sponsorship of the former chartered chapter.

2. Assistant Director Duties: The assistant director shall also a as H.O.G. State Rally liaison and shall ensure that information regarding H.O.G. State Rallies is communicated to the chapter membership.

3. Treasurers Duties: The chapter treasurer shall also be responsible for administering any and all federal, state and local revenue reporting and taxation requirements.

4. Dues: Annual chapter membership dues may not exceed twenty four dollars ($24.00).

5. Chapter Activities:

A. Chapters must hold a minimum of four closed events per year.

B. Closed events are those chapter events which are open to chapter members and one guest per member.

C. Member events are events that are open only to H.O.G. members.

D. Open events are those chapter events which are open to chapter members, national H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.

6. Membership: In order to suspend or revoke a membership in the chapter, the sponsoring dealer must do the following:

A. Notify the member in writing of the cancellation of his chapter membership. Give the reason for the cancellation in clear, concise terms.

B. Refund the members chapter dues for the year.

C. Send a copy of the cancellation letter to the appropriate Regional Manager.

7. Newsletters: Chapters must publish a minimum of six newsletters per year to be eligible to maintain H.O.G. affiliation. Newsletters can consist of any printed material informing the membership of activities, i.e. post cards, flyers, multi-page publications, etc. Activities listed in the newsletter must indicate whether it is an open event, H.O.G. member event or closed event.

8. Chapter Status: Any chapter which fails to conduct any events or fail to publish six newsletters in one year, shall have their chapter recognition as a H.O.G. affiliated organization rescinded.