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Known as Electric City HOG chapter, we are located in the Beautiful Upstate area of South Carolina in Anderson County, which is an hour from the mountains and 4 hours from the ocean.  It is a pristine area of lakes, foothills and mountains that provide excellent roads and many hours of prime riding and the opportunity to visit numerous sites of historical interest.
    Our primary goal is to “Ride and Have Fun”, but we are also dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of motorcycling in the community and representing the activity we all love, motorcycling, in a positive light. We help foster that recognition by the performance of acts of charity and civic responsibility, in addition to conducting ourselves in a family friendly manner.

    We have numerous rides and activities for our membership throughout the year to meet, ride, eat and have a good time. In fact, between March and October there is usually at least one ride or event every weekend interspersed with week day dinner rides a couple of times per month and an over night ride every few weeks.  If you like to ride, you’ve come to right place.

    We also plan events that combine our love of motorcycling with our pride in our community. We sponsor charity rides, participate in the charity rides of other organizations, donate our time and talents to the community and participate in other civic activities.

    Membership is limited to members of the Harley Owners Group, Inc., but we invite any Harley rider to stop by at one of our meetings or participate in one of our rides as a guest.  We think you’ll like it.
    For over a century now, the names Electric City and Anderson have been synonymous. Electric City has a proud history of being used by numerous clubs, organizations and events as a recognizable name for happenings in and around Anderson. Well, there is a history:

    Electricity was generated and transmitted six miles from an experimental hydroelectric station on Rocky River into the city of Anderson, the first such transmission in the Southeast.

    Electricity was generated and transmitted eleven miles from Portman Shoals Hydroelectric Station on the Savannah River into the city of Anderson, another first. 

    Oliver Bolt connected his cotton gin to this new source of power, becoming the first gin in the world to operate by electricity.

    Anderson Cotton Mill connected to the new power generated by Portman Shoals becoming one of the first major industries in the Southeast to  be operated by electricity.

    The General Robert Anderson Fountain was placed into operation near the courthouse, becoming the second fountain with underwater lighting in the nation.  The fountain is still in operation and is currently located at the Anderson County Museum.

    A potential giant in the hydroelectric business, Duke Power Company, bought Anderson Water, Light and Power Company, thus solidifying Anderson's connection to the generation of electricity, and forever tying the names of Electric City and Anderson together.

Information provided by Don Williams

Why Electric City?
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